WordPress & WooCommerce site for non profit

Föreningen Smalspåret Växjö-Västervik is a non profit society preserving and restoring parts of the local narrow gauge heritage railway, that formerly ran between Växjö and Västervik.

Their old site was built in 2013 on WordPress. It worked well in terms of performance and generating reservations etc, but lacked some more modern features like the new Gutenberg editor. They wanted to be able to create more custom landing pages and lift their digital platform and we helped them with that.

We built the site based on a popular free theme that supports Gutenberg, one of the few that actually hold a standard good enough to build upon. The site was then fitted with a custom integration towards their reservation system, as well as a brand new WooCommerce shop with credit card checkout. This has helped smalsåret to make their customer experience more seamless.

We say thank you for the opportunity to do this project, as part of our pro bono work.